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“What’s a groom’s cake?”

A groom’s cake is actually supposed to be a special gift by the bride to pay homage to the groom.  The concept originated in the late 1800’s in England. However, it didn’t take long before the custom of the groom’s cake was brought over here to the United States. It’s a more commonly observed tradition in the south, but as all good traditions do, it’s moved its way around the whole of the United States! Today however, only about 30% of couples enjoy a groom’s cake, and most of that business is done down in the southern states.

With history out of the way, let’s talk about what makes a groom’s cake, a groom’s cake! The most simple definition is a wedding cake that is entirely influenced by the groom. The cake is normally served at the reception alongside the main wedding cake and is often cut after the main wedding cake.

Nowadays however, the happy couple tend to plan the wedding around them as a couple instead of just the bride's likes and dislikes, thus the groom’s cake is less about the influence of the groom and more about his passions. Today you’ll see groom’s cakes styled after tv or movies, video games, sports and so on. Whatever it is that the groom like’s is often the basis for the cake.

On the topic of whether or not you should have a groom’s cake, that depends wholly on whether or not you want one. Is it a requirement? Absolutely not!  For those on a tight budget, it might simply not be an option. A groom’s cake, while not be extremely expensive, will still generally cost $100-$300, so it may not be within reach for some couples. At the end of the day, it’s up to each individual couple whether they have a groom’s cake or not. 

Here are a few samples of cool groom’s cakes:


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