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Updated: Mar 12

At JRays Event Planning we will do everything in our power to ensure you have the event of your dreams and there is nothing worse than having those dreams shattered immediately because a venue, church or a specific photographer is not available on your desired date. Here are some wedding vendor tips based on our own experiences. One of the very first wedding vendor tips we will discuss is nailing down those vital vendors. Understand that your venue can only handle one wedding a day and that photographer can only be in one place at a time. If you are planning a peak season wedding and have your heart set on a specific venue you may need to be flexible as to what month and day you have the event. And can that venue accommodate your expected number of guests. As your planner we will work with you to get these vital vendors in place as soon as possible. Based on our experience it is highly suggested that you prioritize the following vendors:

* Church (if needed) and Reception Venue

* Photographer/Videographer

* DJ or Live band

The music at your event can make or break the entire event so it's important that they understand EXACTLY what you are expecting of them.

* Catering

This will most likely make up a large portion of your overall budget so think about what kind of food do you want and will it be a sit-down affair, buffet style or action stations. Every type of food and service type will have a different cost based on number of staff needed and how much is to be served. Some venues will even insist they do the catering themselves.

After these BIG 4 have been contracted you can book your florist, cake baker and decorator and start working on that desired theme and look you have been dreaming of.

Some couples may also want transportation, mobile bar, mariachis or some other form of service or entertainment. We are here to help you with whatever you need.

Beautiful Outdoor Wedding Setup

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