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Losing a parent or loved one is one of the hardest things you will ever experience. As your wedding approaches, it is normal to feel the pain of this loss, no matter how long it’s been since you lost your relatives or parents. This is especially true in the absence of a close loved one who was always present in your life.

Fortunately, whether you are hosting a small intimate gathering or a big party with everyone you know, there are many ways to incorporate their memory into your special day.


One of the most common ways to honor a deceased loved one at a wedding is to incorporate their memory into the wedding speech. Whether you, your spouse, or another relative is giving a speech, here are some ways you can remember your loved ones.

Read a poem of remembrance

Poetry helps put words to the feelings and experiences that identify us. If you are trying to find the right words to capture your father’s love, your mother’s warmth, or your grandmother’s wisdom, reading a memorial poem during your wedding might be a perfect idea. You can read a poem you wrote yourself, a modern poem, or a classic piece of poetry.

Keep in mind that this could get emotional. It’s best to print it, write it, or place it somewhere visible so you have the entire poem with you when it’s time to read it.

Toast your loved one

Another option is to offer a toast on behalf of your loved one. By toasting them, you will encourage your whole family, friends, and guests to honor them on this special day. Better yet, consider toasting with their favorite drink to honor their memory.

Hold a time of silence

An easy way to incorporate the memory of your loved ones into your special day is to hold a special time of silence. Simply take a few moments to quietly reflect on your own before the festivities start, with your partner during the ceremony, or with your guests during the reception.


The ceremony itself is another perfect place to honor a deceased loved one during your wedding day. It takes a little pre-planning, but it can help you feel closer to their memory when it’s time to say your vows.

Leave a chair open

Your loved one would have been sitting in the first few rows during your ceremony, so why not leave a chair open to represent their presence? They may not be there with you in person, but their memory will be. Leaving a seat in front is a way to remember that your loved one is looking down on you.

Light a memorial candle

In many cultures, lighting a candle is a beautiful symbol of unity that takes place during the ceremony. Two candles are traditionally lit to represent both families or people, then a single candle is lit to represent the married couple. As a twist on this tradition, consider keeping the family candles lit to honor lost loved ones, or lighting a candle to represent loved ones that have passed away.

Carry a memento with you

Consider wearing a memento or carrying one with you in your bouquet during your special day. A memento could be anything from their cuff links and handkerchief to an heirloom necklace you received.

Honor their memory during the ceremony

Talk to the officiant and tell them you’d like to honor your loved one’s memory during the ceremony. They may provide several options such as reading quotes, passages, and other tributes that they have read in cases like this.



When it comes to the reception, it’s usually the less formal part of your wedding celebration. You often spend this time talking to friends and family, and it’s a great time to incorporate some ways to honor your loved one.

Play a favorite song

Playing your loved one’s favorite song is a great way to start the party. When you play this song the first time you dance or as part of your playlist, you’re sure to keep their memory close.

Table

At the sign in table you can display photos of your loved ones or do a memory ladder

Some examples that we have seen at recent events:

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