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Updated: May 4

Ok....Im going to admit,, these event planning tips are me channeling my frustrations into this blog. We are going thru this exact thing with our own family member.....UGHHHHHHH!!

When you are planning your wedding one of the very first things you need to do is come up with a guest count. This is essential for knowing the size of the venue you need, how big of a cake, how many tables and chairs and most important how much food and drinks you will need. If you are wanting to blow your budget not having your guest count down will do it in a hurry.

This may mean you have to be extra selective with which friends and extended family you invite. Are children invited or would you prefer it be adults only. Remember if I say it a hundred times this is YOUR wedding, not Aunt Sally's. You are not required by any law that I know of to invite friends of your friends friends or the ladies from your aunt's bunko group that you have never met. Same goes for children...there is nothing wrong or rude about asking guests to keep the children at home if that is what you desire.

Our event planning team has seen it all. My advice is this: Invite the people you'll see for years to come and those who you are close to on a daily basis. You will be celebrating with those who truly care and that will make for a special day.

+ Limit Parent Invites - Give them each a number they can invite, separate from the list you already have. This keeps things fair so that every parent can have equal number of friends to celebrate with them.

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