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When it comes to wedding food, there are usually two options: a buffet or a sit down dinner. What you choose is totally up to you, and depends on what your wedding style is (unless your venue doesn’t give you a choice, which many of them don’t).  I will lay out the Pros/Cons of each and then give you my personal preference as a Wedding Planner.

If you’re into the buffet style, here are some pros and cons:


-It’s less expensive.

-It could make the dinner portion of your reception faster so you have more time to party.

-Guests can customize their meal (if you hate green beans then don’t take the green beans)


-Your food could be dry/overcooked.

-Some foods just don’t do well in a buffet, so your choices may be limited (certain cuts of meat/fish may be off limits).

-You have the whole thing where there’s a line and they have to call guests up table by table. Guests WILL complain if they are last.

-The table calling could interfere with anything you planned on doing during the dinner service, like speeches, dances, music, etc.

-It could ruin your wedding aesthetic depending on how/where it is set up.

Now for all of you seated dinner people…


-No table calling chaos.

-Your guests can choose what they want to eat before and know what to expect based on your menu options that you put on your invitation (unless you have chosen to serve the same to everyone)

-No extra tables/set up for the buffet.


-Could be slower depending on how it is executed by your venue/how many courses you have.

-More expensive.

As a planner I can tell you that I would always choose the sit-down. More expensive? Yes, but let me tell you things run so much smoother when doing a sit down. Less chaos and fresher food. We recently had a reception with a Buffet Style dinner and it just reinforced a hundred times over why I dont like them. We had the DJ make an announcement that dinner was ready and that we would be coming around table by table to release guests to get their food. Do people listen....of course NOT. Suddenly one entire half of the ballroom is rushing to the buffet and the servers are completely overwhelmed. We had the DJ make a second announcement....again nobody paid attention. Finally we just flat out stopped serving and the DJ made the announcement for a third time. At last everyone decided to listen and we were able to release the guests table by table instead of having a line from the buffet table across the dance floor and getting in the way of the staff. Then you add in the picky guests who slow the entire process down.

Regardless of what you decide, I recommend going to a tasting before and make sure to bring your fiancé and maybe your parents or a trusted friend. Remember, not everyone has the same taste in food as you, so don’t be selfish when it comes to your food choices.

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