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Assigned Seating vs No Seating Chart

Assigned Seating Chart or No Seating Chart….This is always a tricky topic that never fails to come up during wedding planning.

To begin, it's essential to understand the two most popular methods for couples to direct guests to their seats a at wedding reception:

·         No-Seating Chart. Allows your guests to sit at any table and chair they want.

·         Seating Chart. List the guests' names with their assigned tables and are usually illustrated alphabetically or by a table in a pretty frame near the reception entrance or some other location where it can be seen by everyone

Although allocated seating isn't required at a wedding, most couples decide to design a wedding seating chart. Choosing seating arrangements for your wedding guests can seem daunting at first, but once you get the sense of it, it can be a lot of fun. It might seem to be more convenient to ignore a seating chart entirely, but is this a good idea?

Every wedding is unique from the others and should always be tailored to the happy couple.  However, every wedding also has its challenges.  Here are a few simple guidelines…


Number of Guests.

Seating guests in this way is often more stressful and time-consuming for a couple, especially when a large number of people attend the event. So, first of all, you need to know the number of guests you've invited. If there are more than 75 guests or the reception includes seated dining, a seating chart should certainly be used. Even if the wedding is small, a chart will help keep everything in place. This helps guests to unwind and reflect on the celebrations. For some, no seating chart is good if you have a relaxed wedding.


If you are just inviting family, then maybe there is no need for a seating chart, however, regardless of who is invited you must also understand family tensions, relationships, friendships, and other factors. It might be a little uncomfortable to seat certain guests at the same table so keep that in mind.  There will always be those that don’t like being told where to sit…but this is YOUR w edding, not theirs so base your decision on what you are comfortable with. 


It depends on your chosen catering style. If it's a buffet, seating isn't as important or you can do either. If you're having a plated meal, this is the best option, so the catering staff knows who asked for what kind of dish. However, just because you are doing assigned seats doesn’t mean that people can’t change after dinner.


A seating chart is beneficial to some, such as some guests who knew only a few other people, having a designated table helped start conversations. But on the other hand, not assigning seats, making sure people who want to sit together can sit together, and if you want people from different groups to mingle, not assigning seats is perfect for that. For the parents of the couple, It depends on how well they get along? If that's the case, they'll most likely want to share their joy on the wedding day. If they don't want to celebrate together, seat them at different family tables with other close relatives. 

Table Arrangement.

Bear in mind that if you don't have a seating chart, you'll need more tables and chairs than visitors, so people just don't want to sit with strangers and will spread out over many tables. Make a reasonable calculation of how many people will sit at each table comfortably and safely. This is something that the venue or the leasing service can help with. Calculate the number of tables required, taking into account the confirmed guest list, the number of tables that will fit in the room, and the number of people who will be seated at each table. Safety can take priority over fashion. Keeping the tables, a certain distance apart or providing space for wheelchairs ensures that everyone feels secure and well-cared for, regardless of the circumstances.


If you decide to design a seating chart here are a few cool ideas:

If you are in the San Antonio area and still needing a planner or coordinator please reach out and we will work to ensure you have a stress free wedding day

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